Our customers

Listening to the customer

We are Partner for service and advice; we support you to find efficient, long-lasting solution:
  • Experienced teams, a permanent research for innovation,  is a guarantee of the best bags production
  • Technical Sales Managers identify with you bags adapted to your needs and the specificities of your packaging platform.

Fundamental commitments focused on customer satisfaction

  • We support you to produce a product that is perfectly suited to your needs
  • From a formal specification or with the advice of our teams, we study the possibilities best possibilities suited to your specific products and needs.
  • We guarantee a superior and regular quality thanks to on-line and offline control equipment (bursting test, sewing, dynamometric tests …)
  • Handling deadlines: With a transit time less than a week, a highly qualified workforce, we ensure smooth order flow.
  • The optimization of our production capacity allows us to apply competitive rates for our national and international customers.
  • Thanks to our warehouse with a capacity of 10 million bags, a safety stocks are available to customers.